Adjusting My Platform Direction a Bit

I’ve had a slowly emerging epiphany concerning the direction I want to take my platform. It came into sharp focus yesterday. One of the pieces was the process of building a backdrop (dungeon) so I can take better pictures of my Colossus, and then I had the idea of making it multi-purpose so I could use it as a booth for conventions as well. That got me seriously researching foam carving techniques for rocks and ruins. Previously I’d always used heave super strong material like apoxie sculpt for that sort of thing. But researching that lead me to more info on dioramas. Now… I’ve always LOVED dioramas. I’ve started and failed to finish several of them throughout my life. (The pictures here are all very old and I'd like to think future projects would be much better.) But haven’t tried again seriously until recently. Thanks to the internet and YouTube there’s an endless well of free, high quality education on the artform. That’s where part two of my epiphany came from. I came acros…

Dead Pharisees

I finally got around to uploading an album from a band I started when I was 18.  (Or maybe a tad
earlier) Since I was 13 and discovered heavy metal I had fantasized about being in a metal band.
And since I was thoroughly embedded in a Christian Evangelical subculture where metal bands
were allowed to thrive (as long as they were actively promoting themselves as evangelistic tools
for ‘ministry’) there was a powerful synergy between my fiery faith and my testosterone induced
love of metal.  I was hugely influenced by “Christian bands” from the early 90’s such as
Vengeance Rising, Deliverance, Mortification, Tourniquet and others. The harder, faster and
growlier, the better.

I was living in a small town of a couple thousand called North Pole in Alaska. So the prospects of
finding enough like-minded individuals to start a Christian metal band seemed slim at best.  I had
one friend who was a year older than I, and we started taking guitar lessons together, but it turned
out that was hard…

The Douche Tax

Bread And Circuses is a food truck. My lunch plans fell through so I didn't bring my lunch from home
like I usually do. (That's the only way I can safely avoid carbs.) My homemade lunches cost me maybe
2-3 bucks a meal, so it's really tempting to drive home and make one there, but the
opportunity-cost/gas-cost seemed like just getting a bunless burger at this food truck was the better
choice. But still, when I saw it was $14 I about choked. And I grumbled to my friend, and maybe the
guy working the counter heard me. Because when I asked if it was any cheaper to get a burger without
the bun and fries he got a little snide with me and said "This isn't Burger King."

Not wanting to hold up the line and feeling trapped by my series of bad choices I put in my order.
Additionally I tipped him a dollar.

My friend who was with me keeps telling me how wrong I was to tip them. But I have a few quirks that
made me do it. First, I've worked several food service jobs and …

Doctrinal Purity

My church is going through a phase of doubling down on doctrine.My pastor posted this parachurch Statement that was the basic evangelical thing about how we need to take scripture as literally as possible and if we don’t believe that the Bible is a perfect document where every word is perfect from God then we are all doomed.I posted the following on that Facebook thread.
So, as far as I can tell, here's the mechanics that are work under the game of life... In every kind of social group there is a balance between cohesion and openness. (This applies to everything from political parties to art enclaves to sports fans to religious denominations) When a group creates policy that moves the slider more towards openness they start to lose the essence of what defines them as a group. This has the advantage of bringing more people to the group and the disadvantage of miscommunication/contention regarding the things that make th…

Accidental Monsters

A proposed means by which we can view those who believe/vote/act in ways we find horrifically evil, to be, actually, just people.   Like us.

I’m walking down the street and come upon a tussle.  Two dudes are fighting.
To my left, a bystander points and says “Blonde guy started beating on Brunette guy for no reason!
Help him!”  Being a person who wants justice and peace, I act immediately, jumping into the fray.
Naturally, being an excellent puncher, I knock Blondie out. Another bystander runs up to me.  “What the hell is wrong with you?! Blondie was defending
himself from getting mugged!  You just aided a crime! You absolute garbage person!”

You might be surprised to learn that this didn't actually happen to me. It was an allegory.  

Here is my point. What did I do wrong in this scenario?  You might say,
“You just listened to the first person who told you what was happening.”  
I would say: “It was an emergency, there wasn’t time to take a poll!”
You might say: “You jumped to violen…