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Biting off more than I can chew?

I do a thing for my church's Sunday school a couple times a year.We have the kids divided up into 4 classes, so for a month, every Sunday I do an art project with each class.We have inscribed hieroglyphics depicting Joseph's dreams in clay, made stained glass windows with icons of the last supper, once I dressed as an Egyptian slave driver and forced the kids to mix clay, sand, water, and straw, make bricks, and build little pyramids.All the kids know me so they had a lot of fun while acted like a slave-driver, yelling at them to work harder and such in that grown-up, fake growl voice.All except one new kid who I think almost started to cry before I realized he was new.So I had to break character, get down on my knees and explain in the nicest voice possible that I was just pretending, and that he didn't have to play at all.I wonder if I scarred him for life.Maybe his only memory of church will be a giant guy in a yellow dress yelling at kids to mix faster.That would be sa…