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Click! movie review

This movie was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be.It could have just been a gimmick movie about a guy who gets a magic remote control that has the power to mute noisy dogs, fast forward through arguments, and make chesty joggers jiggle in slow motion.Well, it had all that stuff.But I was surprised to find a deeper than usual twist in this plot.The main character, Michael, finds that he has inadvertently programmed his remote to automatically skip by parts of his life that he doesn’t like.Things like fights with his wife, dinner with his parents, listening to his kids complain, and waiting for his job promotions.So he ends up zapping through his life only catching moments of it and witnessing the mess it has become.(When he fast-forwards, his body just goes on default mode.)In the end his wife has left him, he missed his father's funeral, and his son has learned that business should always come before family.When he dies, in good Christmas Carol tradition he is trans…