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A productive weekend

And all it took was not playing Civilization IV. (In my defense, everyone I know who plays it is addicted, and it won almost every Game of the Year award out there.) It finally loosened its grip enough for me to resist playing it at all this weekend. And I got SO much done. Kids laundry, reading, tons of sculpture time, play time with the boys, groceries, hair cuts, early valentine date with my wife, Sunday school teaching, and on and on.

I don't understand the compulsion that grips me when I find a game that I love. Thankfully it only happens once a year or so. I've only bought one game for myself in the past year. But it's still disturbing to me that a desire to play a game can overpower so many other important things like family time, my big dreams, and even sleep. I suppose most people have something like this in their lives. Like watching sports or hanging out at bars. I wonder if I should feel as guilty as I do about my game time. I think the biggest probl…