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Free to Play Game Design

As I’m starting to design my first mobile game I’m attempting to grapple with the concept of Free To Play for the first time in my career.  (I’m an artist/designer, so this is a new world for me.) If I’m going to do it, (and from my research it seems at this point like a bad idea not to) I want to do it well, do it ethically, and from a design perspective; do it aesthetically.  In other words, I don’t want to shoehorn a business model on top of an existing game.  From what I’ve read, that always ends in tears.  
I’ve read every article and book on this subject that I could get my hands on, and that has been very helpful.  Especially the debates that always appear in the comments.  (I hope to get a good one here.)  But I haven’t really seen a good exploration of this one topic I’m stuck on.  To make it clear, let me provide an overview of my current plan.  My first project is pretty much a practice run with a very small scope just to get a pipeline established and run myself through the…

Mathematical Proof that My Wife is the Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Don’t take  it personally, every-other-woman-in-the-world.  Numbers don’t lie.  While I may not be a mathemagician, I’ve crunched the numbers in an attempt to convince my wife of this fact.  But I doubt even this will be able to crack the crippling self-doubt she and so many women like her share.  For her, and her sistren out there who have this self-image problem, let me explain the premise I’m working with.  Actually, before I do that, let me make it clear I’m not doing the whole “I'm going to SAY she's beautiful… (even if she’s really ugly) because it makes life easier.” crap that so many husbands fall back on when they can’t articulate things well.  Me; I can articulate the crap out of anything.  So here’s the premise that seems obvious to me but completely impossible for so many women to comprehend.  A woman’s beauty is a multi-dimensional thing.  If you get caught up on the superficial physical attributes you will totally miss this.  If you attach numerical values to thi…