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Super Adventure Box

On April first we launched a project I came up with at work. I lead a small team to make a nostalgia-based game within a game based on the games I grew up with like Mario and Zelda. It has been very well-received, and I'm very happy to say that our team will be getting back together soon to add to it with more levels in the coming year.  On one hand I don't feel like we deserve all the praise I've pasted below, because I think nostalgia is the very easiest way to entertain people.  On the other hand, I am proud of the work we did to make sure that the core of the game really is a solid, well-designed and executed work.  But that part is very often overshadowed by the happy chemicals that the brain releases when people of my demographic see references to Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Sonic, Castlevania, etc.

But for posterity, here are some select quotes from reviewers and fans:


“I will be running Super Adventure Box as many times as I possibly can in April, if only to ap…