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Debate Dump #2

The following is a record of the responses I got from my Examiner article 'Why I'm a Christian 4: Utility' on the Atheism forum on Reddit. I really wish I could get such an extended conversation on a Christian forum, but I haven't found any that will just let people explore ideas without getting shut down or shouted out or just plain banned. (I've never actually been banned myself as I always strive to follow the community rules. But I see others who bring up points of view similar to my own getting banned.) Anyway, I'm not unaware that one is influenced by the communities in which they spend their time. And even though I am actively debating these atheists it's still surprising how much common ground we share. It's possible that my world view is being subtly bent to the shape of their hammers since they are the only people who will give me in-depth criticism. But let me explain why I keep coming back. First of all, I'm under the impression …