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Clock Tower Praise

I made a particularly talked-about level for the game Guild Wars 2.  I was on a team within the company that is responsible for making special holiday content.  Halloween was our first holiday, and our first time updating the game in a major way since we launched a couple of months ago.  So I really wanted to make a splash.  Previously, I championed the addition of jumping challenges in Guild Wars 2 during development, and eventually got enough traction that all the maps in the game were required to have one or two of these different-than-normal-GW2-play areas.  So I thought it would be nice to make a new jumping challenge for Halloween.  The main character in our game world for Halloween (he's been around since the first Guild Wars) is Mad King Thorn.  A crazy, supernatural guy with a flaming pumpkin head.  Now, I had been asked by many players during our beta process to make harder and harder jumping challenges.  So I thought this was the perfect chance to do so, since I'm w…