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A different kind of faith?

I was at a home group Bible study and we were discussing the previous week’s sermon.Our pastor had made the admission that there are times where he suddenly gets the realization that ‘all this’ (His conception of God, Christianity, etc.) could be wrong.There might not even be a God.He said this to reassure the congregation that most of us have these issues with our faith from time to time.So the question in our group was whether this was a common thing.Shockingly (to me) two people said they never had this sort of thought.I’m trying really hard not to be judgmental here.… How in the world can you live your entire life and never once question your assumptions?I hope it’s a personality thing rather than an intelligence thing.Anyway, for the rest of the group that said they have had those questioning moments, the underlying assumption was that those moments are bad, and that we should hope to never have them again.Sort of a “God grant us the grace to not have to think too hard.”Or at lea…