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Dealing with Criticism

I’m in a pretty interesting situation right now.  in April I was getting resounding praise for a project I lead.

Today I’m reading through resounding complaints about the follow-up that came out a couple weeks ago.  

I’ve already covered a lot of the problems with the release in my last blog.  (That SHOULD have been set to private.  Now I’ve learned to just keep private blogs on my hard drive.  Thanks for that lesson, Blogspot!)  And this blog isn’t really about this specific release and it’s problems, but more generally how I try to approach criticism of all kinds in my life.  I’ll start by dividing criticism into two groups.  There’s the kind that simply isn’t true, and the kind that is.  For instance, a lot of feedback was accusing me of purposefully making the content too hard to sell an item that helps players.  Since I am absolutely certain that this was not the case, that criticism doesn't sting at all.  …

Epic Weekend

Wow… I am worn out.  My team’s big project at work is live now, and we just released a big patch to fix some terrible difficulty spikes.  The last time we released Super Adventure Box: World 1 it got pretty universal praise.  (Which I put up here back in April)  Since then our founder/president has used it (Along with the Mad King Clock Tower I designed and built back in October 2012) as examples of content we release that raises retention rate, and therefore revenue.  So expectations were high for this World 2 release which came out on Tuesday.  The day after Labor Day and the Penny Arcade Expo.    
Saturday (3 days before SAB World 2 launched) my company held a party at a hotel near PAX for fans, and my project, Super Adventure Box was the main feature.  We were running speed run competitions all night where players tried to be the first to get to the end of the new zones.  I ended up MCing the whole night.  I guess there’s a first time for everything.  Seems like people had a really…