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The True Myth?

I’ve ran into this argument a few times now.There is a really popular one right now in the internet movie called Zeitgeist that compares Jesus to Horus and the symbology of the zodiac.It’s basically claiming that the Bible is an astrotheological/literary hybrid.Jesus is an amalgamation of previous sun gods and probably didn’t even exist.Religion is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated. Etc. Etc. The thing about how the Christ story fits so many archetypes is a really interesting subject to me.It speaks to how we perceive God's mechanism for action.Most people think that if a god does a thing it must be a miraculous part-the-red-sea sort of event, without precedence or comparison.I have room in my thinking for that sort of thing, but I think God's activity is more incorporated into the fabric of nature than that.I think He designed human’s minds through an amazing evolutionary process that embedded certain patterns that point towards a transcendent reality.The result of this uni…