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If I make a list of movies from my life time that have changed what the artform can do, it would be as follows: Star Wars, Jurassic Park, The Matrix, LOTR, and Avatar. It's a truly stunning piece of work. As a world designer I really, REALLY loved the attention to detail and consistency applied through all the designs. I love that they put as much love and attention into the plants as the animals. I was disappointed that they never attempted to explain the floating Hallelujah Mountains since everything else had a scientific approach, but the visuals outweighed that weakness.

The story was Dances with Wolves + Ferngully which would not have been a bad thing if not for the incredibly one-dimensional bad guys. Yes, Hollywood, we know you don't like big corporations or the military. But couldn't you just every once in a while give those characters some sort humanity? But speaking of humanity, Avatar features non-cartoon non-humans that are completely emotionally convinci…

A Fun Debate

Over at Parchment and Pen. It's been going on a couple weeks now. It touches on a lot of subjects that are of interest to me. (If you read this blob they are probably of interest to you as well. It's basically a conservative Christin prof. from Dallas Theological Seminary complaining about why his students don't get a fair shake in the secular universities. But it's the comments that are really interesting. I've had my reading program just speak the text to me while I work. I can't imagine how anyone would have the time to read the near 500 comments posted now!