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More on Vanity

Well, after about a year and a half I lost 50 pounds. 

Here’s my official before and after photo.  And yes, I purposefully made it as clichéd as possible, poking fun at the whole idea and myself a bit.  I used a lower angle with a flash for the before picture, and higher angle with studio lights and oiled myself up for the after picture. 
Man, that was a lot of work. (The weight loss, not that photograph) I mean a LOT.  I didn’t keep track of the hours, but I’ll bet if I added them up I could have produced a fantastic body of art, rather than a trim body of flesh.  See what I did there?  So I’m asking myself what was it that caused me to undertake such a project after so many years of being pudgy.   Here’s a couple guesses:

1. My brain simply matured to the point where I COULD do it.  Before, the immediate gratification part of my brain just outweighed the delayed gratification part of my brain.  I’ve finally reached the tipping point where the number of delayed gratifications in l…