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Getting Over the Hump

I took last week off so I could focus on getting some actual product made that I could actually sell.Last year I had a booth at the Tacoma Dome Holiday Blahda-Blah-Whatever Show for a week and had a grand old time sculpting for nearly 12 hours a day.This year the guy who got me in for free last time wasn’t going, so I decided to take the time off anyway.I’m at a point where I have about 10 sculptures around the 75% to 95% done mark.And by done, I mean ready to mold and cast.I figured with a solid week of work I could get them all done and be one step closer to having my side business up to phase two.So far phase one – learning to cast replicas of my sculptures – has gone on for several years now, and I’m getting more and more impatient with the lack of traction.I’m sitting on three really cool ideas for things that could potentially catch the eye of a big company that would pay me millions for, but I would need a year or two to develop each one at this pace.So there I was, on Tuesday …