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Why I Hate Stories in Video Games

Let me clarify that I'm referring to "story" in the most common sense that most game players perceive as story. (that is: cutscenes as opposed to world design, mechanics and other intrinsic communication ques.) I'll go into what I think future storytelling in games should look like after the critique.
The video game industry. So here we are. 40 years old. (give or take) For some perspective, let's look at where the movie industry was at 40… making films like Gone with the Wind. What do we have that compares? To be fair, our industry has bigger technological and logistical hurdles to leap than the film industry did. Yes, cameras, film, sound and color all developed and put them through their growing pains. But within ten years they had created the formula for the medium that is still used to this day. They took the linier story telling of novels and plays and put them together with the power of music and editing to create a new experience that transcende…