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I Just Got Dunning-Krugeeeeerd!!!

So there’s this interesting study that reveals something that most people know in their guts already.  I think it’s where the “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” phrase comes from.  People who nit-pick a football coach’s decisions from the night before can inflate their own sense of competence and start to believe that if THEY were the coach they’d do a far better job of it. (Even though they don't have the experience or have any clue as to all the considerations a coach has to have) I see this first hand on the forums for the game I work on as well.  People thinking if we “just” tweaked this one element or another, “simply” changed some code, or “finally” started listening to the players and stopped lying and cheating and all the other dastardly things us developers do, our game could finally stop being such a giant bag of crap.  On a side note our Studio Design Director (Who I’ve come to respect quite a lot recently) started an initiative on our forums specifically for engaging with…

Preservation of my Religious Hopes

I haven’t written much about my religious ideas in quite a while.  I think that’s because I had my several years of cognitive dissonance where I wrestled with my inherited doctrines attempting to reconcile them with my new life experiences and increased knowledge.  In other words: owning my faith.  Now I’m at peace with my beliefs, mostly because I stopped believing things.  I changed my epistemological stance, and now I simply say I have hopes.  Well, ‘simply’ isn’t quite the right word because I’m thinking and writing in a language built upon the precepts of a different epistemology.  One where common sense dictates that people know things, so our words are always bending my thoughts and writing toward a knowing-based way of communication.  I have to fight all the inclinations of our shared language to explain my stance, bending it another direction.  When I say “I don’t believe in God.” (which is true) everyone will say, “Ok, so you are an atheist.”  But I’m not.  I’m speaking from…