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Getting to know folks

It's hard for me to believe I've been living here in Bellevue for almost a year and a half now.I've been separated from my ex for well over a year.And I've been attending my church for more than a year.One thing that has struck me recently is what a blessing it is that I'm not free to 'move on' with another woman right now.It's been really good and healthy for me as I get to know people in new social circles, specifically the single women, and not have that consideration hanging over my head constantly.That "What if?" question that clouds discernment and keeps me from acting naturally.Without that hanging over my head I've had a great time getting to know some of the girls in my church home group.I have had a chance to hang out with the church group more this week because my kids are out of town for mid-winter break.They are a fun group.Definitely different from the people I've known in the Assemblies of God.They are still very Christi…
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Miscellaneous stuff

I found a new 'worst part' of being a single parent this morning.I've been sick before, but not like this.Getting up at 6:45am after 4 or 5 hours of sweaty, feverish sleep, with a pounding headache, snot pouring out, cold shakes, and a throat so swollen and painful I can hardly breath is not the best state to be in when I have to get the kids up and dressed, make them breakfast and lunch, and take them to school.I can only thank God that my hair was not on fire.See?It can always be worse…We had a close call a couple of weeks ago.I was up late sculpting.The kids had been asleep for a couple of hours.My oldest son stumbles out of his room and into the kitchen.He opens the fridge, slides open the crisper drawer, drops his p.j. bottoms and squats, ready to go.I grabbed him just in time to wake him up and put him on the toilet.*whew*Good thing I was up late.That would have been a really horrible surprise in the morning.My littlest guy is becoming brand savvy.I was dressing him …

Osculation Drama

Word had just come down from home office: Osculation would commence within the hour. Mecium got on the horn immediately. "Scramble the fighters!" he barked. He tried to hide the giddy feeling welling up inside. He had recently been promoted and chose to be transferred to the frontier. This was where the action was. This was where things got hot. Mecium liked it that way. "Sir!" Private Pep interrupted his thoughts. "Sir, home office says we gotta step down, sir! Sending endorphin diplomats! They're talking peace, sir!" Damn! Mecium's blood-lust was rising. "I will NOT settle for analgesic diplomacy this time. Those beta-bureaucrats have gone too far!" He grabbed the comm. "Get me the General." Within moments the sad news came through. "I'm sorry son, but ever since President Encephalin was elected, our policies on these matters are different. We have an open border. Our pseudopodia are tied."

"I'll be dam…

A day in the life

Ok.I'm out of breath, but I've gotta do this.I am attempting to record what a typical day for me is.When trying to figure out how to work an exercise and weight lifting routine into my evening schedule I hit a wall.But I know I have a tendency to exaggerate things, and close my mind off before I've really assessed the situation fully.So I am going to chronicle the events of tonight and see if I'm not as overworked as I thought.5:59-6:00pmI'm home!Shane answers the door.He's so cute!6:00-6:05pmTalking to my nanny about the kids day.How much TV time they have used, the status of Justin's homework, etc.I have to talk over Shane whining about how I never let him watch TV.6:05-6:10pmGet changed, move a giant pile of blankets that somehow accumulated on my bedroom floor.Notice that I still have a gigantic pile of laundry in the middle of the hallway.Better get to that.Oh yeah, the light is burnt out, I can't see.Oh yeah, I forgot to get lightbulbs.I look arou…