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Penn and Teller Are Full Of It
The magical duo of the big-loudmouth and the small-silent-guy have a program on Showtime called Bullshit.It's all about debunking various myths and modern movements.They have an episode about recycling, ghost stories, endangered species, Feng Shui, etc.It's a great idea for a show, and generally fun to watch.They track down experts in the fields and grill them, putting advocates for and against the topic in fierce video-snippet battles.(The experts don't actually get to debate each other.) It seems like a great position to be in when you are calling everyone and everything to the carpet.Being the perfect moderate, one has the power to slam both sides of the political and philosophical spectrum.But the natural problem that none of these social commentators (e.g. Jon Stewart, Southpark, Penn & Teller) address is how they know their position is so strong.Being in the middle only lasts so long; as you paint everyone arou…