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Question: Am I an idiot?

Answer: Yes.I had another art show a couple weeks ago.Same one I did last year at the Tacoma Dome.Still didn’t really have anything to sell.But that was not for lack of tying!Leading up to the show I was pulling all-nighters trying desperately to finish and cast some sculptures.Having decided I just can’t sell my one-of-a-kind stuff for any sort of reasonable price I concluded my current business model should be 1. Teaching, and 2. Selling casts of my work.I’ve got number one down pat.It’s fairly easy for me now.Especially since I took my business mentor’s advice and started charging for my classes up front.Now, instead of a list with a hundred names on it that I have to solicit and end up only getting one or two actual students, I end up with a list of 4 people who already paid me and show up.But I was really hoping to start phase two for this year’s holiday season.If there is one thing I’ve learned about me and art, it’s that cramming doesn’t work out too well. Mix in new materials …