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The Particular as the Enemy of the Good

Here is a true thing that happened.I just took my 18 year old son on a road trip to celebrate his highschool graduation.He wants to do editing or special effects for movies as a career, so I thought traveling around finding cool places to shoot a movie that he can work on would be a great experience. We were visiting dozens of national parks all around the western U.S., many of which are in Native American nations.He really wanted a cow skull so he was constantly scanning the roadsides as we drove.It was either the Hopi or Navajo nation we were driving through when he spotted one.I don’t know the rules about this sort of thing.I know all the signs at trail heads leading into the national parks said not to take anything out.But never saw any warnings about that sort of thing for stuff along the side of the road.But I didn’t feel right about stopping and taking that cow skull.It’s WHY I felt wrong about it that I’d like to analyze here.Because, when examined as a PARTICULAR event, it’s…

What an Interesting Day

Story time. My son and I are in the middle of the desert filming our space invaders movie. We've driven our Mazda 5 out onto this huge badlands area; one of the locations where they filmed John Carter of Mars. (I'm still bitter they didn't make sequels) We had driven out a mile or so, found some terrain that our modest mini-mini-van couldn't handle and turned around to find a sensible place to park and shoot our scenes with the awesome backgrounds. It was about 1 or 2pm. On our way to the location where we had decided to shoot, a bright red Jeep pulls up and stops. So we stop, roll down the window and a middle aged male Chinese tourist greets us and asks if there's more area to explore the direction we were coming from. I said: "Sure, with your big Jeep you should have a blast." So he goes the direction we came from, we drive around some more trying to find places our near-low-rider can get to and finally find a spot about a mile from the main high…