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This year

Wow, has it really been a year since my last post here?I guess it has.I’m not sure why exactly I haven’t been as enthusiastic about blogging as I was the past 7 years.I can’t really claim to be more busy.I’ve always been too busy.Maybe I’ve just been better about staying focused at work.I’ve still been writing a lot, just been keeping it to much smaller posts on Face Book, embroiled in conversations.Been having a lot of fun interacting with other heretics there.Speaking of heretical beliefs, I think I’ve been drifting at pretty much the same trajectory as I have been since I started this blog.Still contemplating all sorts of things, but I think I’m over a hump where every new thought is profoundly unsettling.I’m thinking that the very basic issue at the root of my heretical bent has to do with the limits of language.After recognizing that all religious talk is highly malleable metaphor, I realized that all the debate about the details is close to pointless.I’m still developing a clear…