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Stranger Things Season 3 Review


1. The Plot.  Escalated without being too redundant. 

2. FX. They're good.  You know... Like pretty much everything these days. 

3. Teen Drama Garbage. Hear me out. In most media representation of teenage drama the TONE is such that the feelings they have are as important as the characters experience those feelings to be.  I guess this is "good" in the sense that it could theoretically put you in the headspace of the characters.  The problem for me is that teenagers are very stupid and very arrogant and very inexperienced.  I hate being in that headspace and recoil from depictions of it. What Stranger Things 3 did -which is something I haven't seen often- is present the teen drama with a TONE that views it for the silliness that it is. I think it was handled expertly because doing that could easily lead to being alienated from the characters and not caring about their experiences.  Instead I felt like "aww... I remember those kinds of feelings.  Poor kids…