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Now You're Playing With Power!

This is going to start out sounding religiousy, but stick with me if you’re not into that sort of thing.
In the October 2013 Christianity Today there’s an article about power that I found fascinating.
(You don’t need to read it to follow what I’ll be talking about.)
It starts out talking about the tiny hidden earpiece mics so many pastors wear now, and my eyes started rolling back in my head so far I could see my prefrontal cortex.  Oh God, not another Christian who’s going to nit-pick a  personal peccadillo and find some way to spin it into a terrible pedantic article.  Buuuut, it turns out that was just a metaphor for the real topic, which is our culture’s attitude toward power.  The kind one human has over another.  Andy Crouch points out that our modern western attitudes toward power are historically abnormal.  There’s a concept anthropologist Geert Hofstede called power distance.  And it …