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I can't handle this challenge

These past couple months have been rough for Heather an me at church.  We've been doing a sermon series called "Empowered" which is essentially all about how we Christians ought to be doing miracles and stuff.  Implicit in every sermon then is a litany of things we must be doing wrong since we aren't bringing anyone back from the dead or regrowing limbs or what have you.  One thing I love about my church and pastor is that we aren't usually this stereotypically evangelical.  I'm a live-and-let-live kinda guy, so sitting through messages that I disagree with is not generally a problem for me.  I can almost always find some kernel of inspiration to apply to my life.  But this series has left me dry almost consistently.  I just simply disagree with almost every premise that these sermons are based on.  I don't think God promised us we would have miracle powers.  I don't think God WANTS us to do miracles but is sad that we aren't because we are faili…