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Ethical Street Violence

Ever since the “Nazi punching” incident last year, I’ve been wondering just how far I could stretch my mind to accept the idea that vigilante violence is a good thing for the left to do.  My gut always told me no.  It just seems so obvious to me that the precedent is a double edged sword that can and will swing both ways while failing to accomplish social progress.  But since I’ve been able to learn so much, and open both my mind and heart to other messages from the left, I thought I ought to spend the same amount of serious consideration on this issue.

Before I go any further, I think I’d better lay out my liberal credentials.  I don’t want anyone who doesn’t know me to construe my thoughts as pro-fascist, and I don’t want to make oppressed people think they have one fewer ally because of my stance on this issue.  But from what I’ve seen on social media, anything but strict allegiance to the very most outraged and radical bleeding-edge of liberalism will result in a fair number of acc…