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Art-Full Week

This is actually about two weeks ago.But I was so busy finishing my last epic philosophical catastrophe that I'm having to play catch up now.So… Last, last, last week I took off from work so that I could prepare for two events.First, the Kirkland art fair thingy, and second, my favorite band was coming into town.Why did that need preparation time?Well, because I was making art for them.Duh.Here's how it all went down.I started communicating with Samantha from Virgin Black years ago because I was so inspired by a song of theirs that I wanted to make a sculpture based on it, but some of the lines were too poetic for me to fathom.She was very open and helped me out a great deal.At some point she saw a picture of a sculpture I had done a long time ago.She told me she really liked it.And since it was just sitting in my scrap pile after suffering a lot of moving damage, I figured I'd use it as bait to get them over here when they went on tour.They are from Australia, so their US…

The Source: Part 2

I made a few radical claims in part 1.Claims that most of the Christians I know would object to.Things like "We can't know truth.""We can't prove we exist."We can't prove that God exists."I spent an hour or two talking to just such a Christian last weekend, so the objections are fresh in my mind.And after spending that much time talking it through, it seems to me that a lot of the objection comes from assumptions concerning where such thinking could lead a person.I think Christendom has built up protective philosophical barriers around itself as a preservation reflex.It has done this through doctrine and seminary as potential threats reared their heads, the philosophical under girding was exposed and thrown out like the metaphorical baby with the bathwater.I think our current muddled insistence on Biblical inerrancy and literalism is a perfect example of this procedure.Christendom had established a new apologetic technique based in inferred design …