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First Gallery Show

Some art type worker person found one of my sculptures on Myspace and invited me to be in a their gallery for a show they have every year.It’s a multiple-artist show called Gates of Hell III.I guess they think that goes with a Halloween theme.She specifically wanted my Costume Kid that’s dressed as the Grim Reaper.I don’t really want to sell that piece, but I’ve never been in a gallery, and could really use the money, so I went with it, putting a ridiculous price tag on it.I also included a piece that I thought would go with the theme of the show well.(Aesthetically at least)It’s the sculpture I was going to give to Rowan from Virgin Black, but wasn’t able to finish in time.I still plan on giving it to him, but I figure if it sells in a gallery for thousands of dollars I can always make another one.Here are some shots of it and an official explanation.
This sculpture is based on a song called A Poet's Tears of Porcelain from the band Virgin Black. I specifically made it for the voc…