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Ethics and God

Here is an ethical dilemma I head on a radio talks how hosted by a Rabbi:You are a subway control station operator.There are construction workers in two tunnels that are non operating, but a runaway train is headed down one of the tunnels.If you do nothing it will go down the tunnel and kill 5 workers.But if you divert it, it will go down the other tunnel and kill only one worker.The Rabbi who was posing the problem said that the proper response, according to a deistic viewpoint, is to do nothing because action on your part would mean a lack of faith and dictating to God who lives and who dies.He compared it to this scenario:There are 5 people who will die if they don't get organ transplants.All the organs could come from one person but harvesting the organs will obviously kill him.So, choosing the lives of the 5 over the single person would be the same as sending the runaway train down the tunnel with one guy.I disagree.For two reason.First of all the analogy between the first an…