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Cyclical Art Style

Here is a very interesting idea about a cyclical nature of artistic expression mirroring the cultural life-stage. Most people I've read tend to express art history as a linear progression from cave-man stick figures up to post modern art. I really like this take better. Posted on a sculpting forum by Wayne Hanson

I use the analogy of art styles below for my kids in sculpting class:
the 3 or 4 styles of art:

1. STOIC: any early culture and beginning artist use the stoic style automatically.
Examples would be cubist art, early Egyptian art and architecture, Mycenae art, early Greek art and sculpture. Characteristics of the stoic style are religion-dictated figural rules, Masculine/ patriarchal, no emotion, symmetry, geometrical, powerful, monumental, immortal or long-lasting.
Typical forms are equilateral triangle, pyramid, square.

2. CLASSICAL: any culture at its peak in the bell curve.
Examples: Athens during the reign of Pericles, Egypt during …

Misspent Energy, Wasted Time

I think I'm finally on the other end of a huge lump of activity that had me pulling two all nighters and consumed several weekends whole. Why I volunteer for this kind of punishment is beyond me. Well, no it's not. I do it because I don't see it coming. No matter how many times I've gone through this process I still don't learn. By "this process" I mean taking on a project that requires materials and/or procedures that I've never done before and making all sorts of assumptions that lead to ludicrously low-balled time estimations.
First off, we have Norwescon, the biggest local Sci-fi/Fantasy convention. It's got an art show that I try to get into whenever I can. Get a little publicity, hand out class brochures, maybe get an award or two. Mostly though, I get a defined deadline. As an artist these are the only way anything gets done. I've still got over a dozen projects in the works. And so I put together a list of stuff I wanted to f…