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A family beach vacation

I had a little beach vacation in Oregon a couple of weeks ago.My parents and aunts, uncles, various cousins and such pitched in to rent a house in Lincoln City and we stayed there for 4 days.It was fun to connect with my relatives and spend time with the wife, kids and my parents.The kids wanted to make an action movie, so I built a child-sized stunt dummy the week before we left and we picked out costumes.Justin was disenchanted with the movie-making process after only a few scenes, so we had to cut his character and change plans.In addition losing 1/3 of the cast, the wind on the beach was vicious so we ended up with a massively truncated version.But we did find a really cool cliff to throw the dummy off of for the grand finale.(We got a lot of curious looks from the bystanders.)Another highlight of the trip was a walk on the beach with my dad and a rambling conversation about various theological issues.I’m really grateful for the parents that I have.I’ve heard plenty of stories fro…