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Examiner: Out on a limb

I was mining an old blog for this, but added enough content to consider it worth posting.

No one knows anything. At least that’s my belief. (It obviously can’t be known.) I’ve been building a case that we human types can’t attain absolute certainty in anything. This is a form of skepticism that has always been with us. My basic assertion is that I believe in ultimate Truth, but doubt our ability to apprehend and interpret it perfectly. That is: there are facts out there, and we intuitively feel that we know them… Stuff like the weather, the color of things, how old we are, etc. When I say that I doubt our ability to apprehend these sorts of things I’m not saying that I think all our assumptions are untrue, or that the chances are high that we are wrong. No. I think that when it looks and feels like it’s raining, it really is raining. I’m only leaving the door open for the possibility that we are …

Quick Note

I added the comments I've had from several sources under the last two articles I posted, along with my responses. From now on when I post an Examiner article I'll wait a week to make sure I get all the responses in then I'll put them up here all at once.