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Imagine a World… (A pornography parable)

Imagine a world where women had certain ingrained expectations about their romantic interests.  What do they expect in this world?  Stunts.  They GO WILD for a man who can fall down stairs, jump from moving vehicles, and light themselves on fire.  Of course most men are uncomfortable with this, but they feel that in order to keep their woman happy they have to perform.  They are competing with professional stunt men who make it look easy.  Their wives and girlfriends subscribe to StuntBoy Magazine and watch videos of stunt performances online.  And while these women understand that the men doing these things are professionals, and that they really shouldn't expect *their* man to be able to light themselves on fire and jump from a flying helicopter onto a moving train, they still *wish* that they could perform like that.  And the more the women watch these videos the less satisfied they become with their man who is only able to do lame prat falls and is downright terrified of heig…