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Unitarian/Universalist Clarification

I made these diagrams to help with any confusion.

[EDIT - How to tell that you've communicated poorly: someone chastises you for being for advocating a viewpoint that you've been working against for years. (see comment below)

Being a Universalist, I'm constantly being attacked by orthodox Christians for be a Unitarian. I'm not trying to be disrespectful here. Just pointing out that there is a fundamental difference between the two. Christ being the focal point is the difference. Christian Universalism denies any other "path" to God save for Jesus. Unitarians either don't believe in salvation or define it quite differently than Christianity does. Orthodox Christianity puts everyone who believes incorrectly in an eternal hell. Christian Universalism defines hell as God's purifying work/wrath/love that pretty much everyone is going to go through. Unitarians typically find the whole notion of hell distasteful.

Oh, and I chose to represent God wit…