Getting to know folks

It's hard for me to believe I've been living here in Bellevue for almost a year and a half now. I've been separated from my ex for well over a year. And I've been attending my church for more than a year. One thing that has struck me recently is what a blessing it is that I'm not free to 'move on' with another woman right now. It's been really good and healthy for me as I get to know people in new social circles, specifically the single women, and not have that consideration hanging over my head constantly. That "What if?" question that clouds discernment and keeps me from acting naturally. Without that hanging over my head I've had a great time getting to know some of the girls in my church home group. I have had a chance to hang out with the church group more this week because my kids are out of town for mid-winter break. They are a fun group. Definitely different from the people I've known in the Assemblies of God. They are still very Christian conservative like I am, but have less of the little hang ups about things like drinking. In fact, tonight I'm going to a beer-and-Bible-study with some of the guys. (Too bad I hate beer.) In general they seem to be more engaged with the culture than other Christians I know. Which has its plusses and minuses. It excludes me a bit since I can't stand popular culture. But they are also very sincere about their faith. I've had a lot of great discussions with them, and am really starting to like this group of people. God has really blessed me by leading me to this church.


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