Spiral Dynamics and Christianity

Woah! So cool. I like this theory a lot. I guess because it mirrors the way my thinking has been evolving to a great extent. In my previous faith paradigm I thought that the only way you could move from one belief system to another is to totally reject or denounce the first and embrace the second as a new Truth with a capitol T. In other words, I thought you had to rebel against the old before you could consider the new. But now that I view language as an ethereal medium, like a gas that changes shape to fit many ideas, I view new thought paradigms simply as fun exercises in imaginative power. As attempts to find the best tools for living and understanding this crazy thing we call reality.



Seth Schwiet said…
You are a heretic...kidding. Thanks for the links. I am very interested in hearing more in regards to specific Biblical narrative, though it doesn't look like they have any more presentations quite yet... Something I find interesting about this application of Integral Theory is the alignment of (while how they actually are related isn't entirely clear to me) eschatology concerning the individual and civilization. Whereas, a traditional understanding in Christianity is that the earth and it's inhabitants are in fact doomed to continually decline, away from the will of God, while as an individual, one may pursue God.

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