Bouncing Down

Here’s a neat thing.  Last time I laid out a new diet plan at the end.  

I’ve been tinkering with it paying special attention to how my self-control tank gets depleted and when it seems to be recharged.  The last couple weeks I’ve settled into this pattern.  Weekends I eat a ton of gargabe, weekdays I eat super low calorie.  I haven’t let myself pig out until I’m about a pound under my last lowest number.  This is the result so far.


Looks like a lot of up and downs, but the important thing is the trajectory is right.  It’s going down consistantly, like a ball bouncing down stairs.


A really neat thing about this system is that unlike my previous plans -which featured gritting my teeth and holding out as long as I could, and then feeling guilty when I failed- this has a nearby goal.  It’s like an emotional lighthouse that’s never too far away.  And having that big payoff just around the corner (never more than 5 days or so) has made it so I can recover from little set backs.  Around the middle of this week I caved and had a 400 calorie chocolate brownie cookie.  Previously I would usually have done the “Screw It” manuver, and just binged the rest of the week, promising to start again next week.  But because I can see such a big difference each day, often losing between a pound or two every day when I’m eating super low calorie, I was able to recover the week and still come in on schedule.  You can see the rounder apex on that last week’s curve from the slip up.  

This is all pretty exciting to me, but there’s one huge caveat.  I’ve been so busy at work that I stopped doing my usual weightlifting at lunch for the past several weeks.  So a lot of the apparent success could just be muscle wight declining.  However, the number I care about much more than my wieght is my belly measurement.  Not as impressive, but still heading the right direction.


So, again, I’ll update after I get back to my regularly scheduled program.  


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