October 2015 Game Musings

I hate online shooters. I don't like any of the emotions that they elicit. I don't like 'beating' other people, and it's never fun getting sniped in the head over and over and over by people you never see.
However, the old school Star Wars sets and characters have me trying my best to figure it out in Star Wars Battlefront. The environments are some of the most beautiful/realistic I've ever seen. It truly feels like your on a super extended movie set. Congrats to the team at DICE for getting someone like me to try so hard to expand my palate.

While Star Wars Battlefront is working on expanding my game appreciation palate in the Online Shooter genre, Hand of Fate is starting to... ever so slightly tickle that Collectible Card Game part of the brain that I've never felt before. I got through the first 5 or 6 rounds without dying once, then hit a wall and failed about 10 times on the Jack of Scales round. That forced me to look past the recommended deck build and start figuring out the ramifications of the various cards I had collected. I finally beat that round last night.

I think the problem I have with CCGs is the way they are both abstract and representational at the same time. The abstract elements just turn me off. But in Hand of Fate every card is a literally an action set-piece, a weapon, an armor set, etc. I can viscerally experience the ramifications of the deck I build. And that's fantastic.


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