Rockin Love Song

::Swing in on rope from stage left::

Thank you, Bremerton!!!

::Audience cheers wildly::

::Band kicks in::

Baby, yeaaaaaaah!!

It's in your eyes

The way you walk

Tangled in your hair

And the way you talk


::girl throws a bra onto stage::

And my heart!... My HEAAAAAAART!!!! Yeaow!

My heart keeps beating my brain up, baby

My heart keeps beating my brain up!

::Pyro FX shoot flames skyward::

Yeah! I could drown in your eyes. I could swim in your sooooooooul!

I wish I could stop it but my heart is in controooooooooool! Ow!

::Blazing guitar solo::

Baby yeaaaaaaaah!!

::Audience throws 4 bras on stage::

Yeah every time I see you… A tsunami of clich├ęs washes over me!

I would die for you! You bring me to my knees! I can't get you out of my mind! You're driving me crazy, girl! Like an angel… one that drives people CRAZEEEEY!!!!

::Audience throws 8 bras on stage::


::Tempo slows and acoustic guitar kicks in::

No no noooo-oooo!

::Audience waves lighters::

Don't wanna fall, don't wanna fall, don't wanna fall for you-hooo.

My heart is on my sleeve, and I can't wipe it off. Like it's stuck with glue-hooo.

Can't stop this heart, can't stop this heart, can't stop this heart for you-hooo.

::Girl in audience screams then faints::

::Slow guitar solo::


::Music picks up again::


My mind keeps racin' telling me to hang way back.

But my heart it keeps on revving up, keeping me on track.

My metaphors are mixin' I think I'm losing my mind.

You’re a speeding train one minute, then a shining star sometimes.

::Audience throws 32 bras on stage::


:: jumps and lands in the splits::


::Dump truck pulls up and spills 64 tons of bras on stage::

Mmgmmgmmmh! MmMmmmgh. Gha-murfffle, mmmm!

::Suffocates in pile of bras and dies::


Heather said…
Ha!! You're a DORK!...But a funny dork! I'll be sure to come to your funeral...Hey, wait a minute! No PIANO!??! WHAT!?! You have GOT to be KIDDING!

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