I'm a mess o' pain

So I thought I was getting better after my car accident last month. My side was hardly hurting at all. Then last weekend I decided I was well enough to swordfight with my kids on the playground. The problem is that when I play with my kids I tend to get carried away. We do some serious swashbuckling, complete with jumping off of high things, swinging on ropes and tumbling around. Well, I didn't tumble this time. But I had to stop after 20 minuets or so because my side started aching again. So I took it easy, but by the next day I was back to the way I was a day after the accident. I couldn't rotate certain ways, pick up anything heavy, and getting up and down hurt.

It subsided a bit by Wednesday, and I felt brave enough to attend a Zao concert I had a ticket to. I knew I had to take it easy, so I spent most to the show, (While the other bands were playing.) hanging out with Dan -the vocalist for Zao- in the bar area talking about all sorts of things. Then, when they went on I stayed in the periphery of the mosh pit, and kept my arm covering my wounded side. I got jostled a bit… and there were some songs where I just had to jump up and down a little. But over all I was really laid back compared to how I am normally at these shows.

Then that night I could barely move. Over the next several days every movement was wince-inducing. Saturday I started getting mysterious pains in my torso. But I had gotten Blindside tickets for me and my girl for our 4-month anniversary, so we went to the show. I displayed enormous restraint that night. I stayed completely off the main floor and barely nodded my head to the music. I was so frustrated! The mosh pit looked really fun. Despite my restraint and several chiropractor visits, my back is a tangle of pain and it's impossible for me to get comfortable.

On the plus side, this week I actually got some real work to do now. After we shipped our game we were in kind of a holding pattern for a couple of months. So while I had some busy-work to do, most of us were sitting on our hands most of the time. I kept bugging my boss about getting real work, so I was the first one to get a new level assigned to me. It's nice to actually be producing something again.


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