Feel'n it

It be September 19th matey. It's the official Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrrrgh! So this may be the most annoying post I've ever done….

So I was stand'n thar in church yesterdee. The music was play'n the jigs be about worship'n God n' all. I be appreciat'n the lyrics but not feelin' them the same way I feel the cold, salt-stained steel of me cutlass. Not the same way I did last year when the storms of life was at their worst. Then the thought struck me like a 2 pound load of grapeshot. I remembered the talk me pastor was giving me and me bride-to-be in our second pre-marital counseling session. He told tale of a sailing ship. I suppose it could be a pirate ship if one were so inclined… He says thar be two kinds of people in a relationship: sails, and anchors. These types that are like sails tend to catch the wind and drive a relationship. They tend to make decisions faster and go with change easier. This makes them flexible and open, but more prone to crashing onto rocks. Um… Yaaaar! So they be attracted to anchors so as to be grounded. Anchors are the type that resist change. Like a sea urchin, they like t' think about their decisions for a good long time before tak'n action. So they tend to ground a relationship. They like sails because they are exciting. T'was pretty easy t' discover who be the anchor and who be the sail. I find that, 'specially in spiritual things, I be at peace. Thar be a deep, abid'n calm that keeps me still when the winds be billowing. Of course, too much calm and ye be stuck in the doldrums. I've said before, that me beauty lass be me spiritual complement; and this metaphor articulates how. She be hear'n God and following her heart, and I be keep'n her from heading into the shallows or run'n aground, 'cause I'm always check'n me map. And me compass, and me sextant, and peer'n through me telescope.

Of course this could cause all sorts of tension… Every pirate knows ye don't want ye sails billow'n whilst ye anchor is weighed. And that's where recognize'n and appreciate'n each other's roles be important. Only a bilge rat would be mad at his sail fer blow'n his ship around. And everyone knows the worth of a good anchor.

This way o' think'n helps me to appreciate who I am, and how important me role can be. And puts me at ease when me feelings don't be wellin' up when I suppose they ought. For after all, peace with oneself, and peace with God is the buried treasure we all seek, is it not?


Heather said…
Arrrrr..rrrrrr...rr.r...gh! You're me favorite pirate!
~your "Lass"

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