Habit of Mind

Yesterday I decided to do one pig-out weekend before trying to go a whole month with virtually no carbs.  I’ve been trying this crazy Carb Backloading scheme because it let’s you eat donuts and stuff.  Turns out it seems to not be working for some reason.  I think you’re supposed to eat moderate amounts of sweets, but the way my brain works is that once I eat one tiny treat I turn into Cookie Monster. So I’m going to try the program (which includes no breakfast, evening weight lifting and under 30 grams of carbs a day) without the donuts part to see what happens.  

Anyway, the point is that while driving to get a haircut, when I was thinking of what delicious thing I’d have for lunch this cheaty weekend, the first thing my brain did was visualize the refrigerator and the things I had cooked that week.  This amazed me, because I remember that several years ago, before I got serious about my weight/health, every time I was in the car it was an opportunity to get fast food.  An opportunity that I almost always took.  It was just a Pavlovian response.  I don’t have that any more.  I really think it all came down to cooking my own food and having a couple options always waiting in the fridge.  Since I’ve sunk time and cost into creating a backlog of food my mind always snapps to that first.  

Anyway… here’s to small victories and the ability to alter one’s habits, health and happiness!


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