Because your faith inspires me.

Because you drift through my thoughts constantly.

Because your love for my children stands alone.

Because you put God's will before your own.

Because you put God's will before me.

Because our hands fit together perfectly.

Because when you aren’t with me I wish you were.

Because you wrestle with my kids even when you know you'll get hurt.

Because you help me put my kids to bed.

Because we are saving our kisses for after we are wed.

Because we share one meal at restaurants.

Because I can carry you wherever I want.

Because us being together is not an accident.

Because you really like my parents.

Because my parents really like you.

Because even when it's hard you tell the truth.

Because our love is not based on Eros which always flies away.

Because we love what's inside, and that will never fade.

Because you skip when you are happy.

Because you still do what needs to be done even when you feel crappy.

Because I want to grow old and decrepit with you.

Because where you are weak, I am strong. And where I am weak you are strong too.

Because God has taught me so much through you.

Because we are entertained by each other when there is nothing to do.

Because of our musical collaboration.

Because I can't imagine anyone else. (And I have a good imagination!)

Because you were blessed with a marvelous mind.

Because God gave you a heart so kind.

Because you are excited about being an instant mom.

Because God in His wisdom and humor knew this was going to happen all along.

Because you see the silver in the overcast sky.

Because you love the dark forest dappled with light.

Because you don't want to change me into another kind of man.

Because you love me and let me be who I am.

Because we both laugh at the absurd.

Because we both love God's word.

Because my boys love and trust you.

Because you won them over with your generous nature and your easy-going cool.

Because you are so honorable and very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very brave.

Because you can handle the boys when they misbehave.

Because your godly compassion stirs my spirit

Because you encouraged me to look for God's will when I couldn't hear it

Because we can take walks in the rain.

Because when we got splashed by that bus you didn't complain.

Because we pray together frequently.

Because you are grateful for what you have, with a spirit of thanksgiving.

Because I care more about making you happy than you making me happy.

Because you care more about making me happy than me making you happy.

Because even though you are a pragmatist and have realistic expectation about life, you still believe in my big dreams.

Because just as iron sharpens iron, our spiritual focus remains keen.

Because your smile makes me smile.

Because you have the cutest style.

Because you are the most beautiful jewel in my crown.

Because you are the brightest star that could be found.

Because God custom-made a woman perfect for me. This I can not deny.

Because of that I will appreciate you until the day I die.

Because separately we have identities in Christ.

Because when He joins us as one flesh our strength will increase thrice.

Because this list could keep going and fill many books; what a large volume it could be…

Heather Kerekffy, will you marry me?


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