Going to E3 again this year!

It looked like I wasn't going to. My company has grown a bit since I started 2 ½ years ago. I was hire #33. Now we are around 120. Last year they sent everyone who wanted to go. This year it's just not feasible, so they are only sending team leads. I was sad. Besides being my best source of news for my industry, E3 is like a class reunion for me and my friends from my previous job in Michigan. The Outrage crew. We were like a family. I worked there for 5 years and most of us were relatively new to the industry. We went through some really, really stressful times together such as a 6 month crunch at the end of Descent 3 and an on-again-off-again relationship with a desperately flaky publisher. (Interplay) So have a really strong bond and still keep in contact to this day. My point is that keeping in touch with them is really important to me so I was very disappointed to hear I wasn't a golden-child picked to go to E3 this year. I half-jokingly told my team lead that I'd take his place if he wanted since he has expressed his dislike for the whole experience. Well the next day he told me that there was some concern about keeping the company productive during E3 so some of the leads could stay behind and choose replacements. He chose me, so… hooray!

This is a good opportunity to show some real initiative and do a great job collecting data and promoting our game. We are supposed to be much more work oriented than we have been at our past shows. So I'll be on my feet a lot more analyzing our competition. Oh, and I heard that they are cracking down on the scantily clad 'booth babes' this year. It should be fun.


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