Things I'm going to miss when they are gone

God's blessings ebb and flow like the tide. I'm taking stock of things that bring me joy in this season of my life.

  1. Living 2 minutes from work
  2. Shane's cute voice and speech impediments
  3. Being able to pick up both my boys with one arm and my wife with the other
  4. A stable job without crazy overtime demands
  5. The best church I've ever seen
  6. A stable economy
  7. Wrestling with the kids
  8. Being able to kiss my boys without their embarrassment
  9. The ability to tumble down stairs painlessly
  10. Looking young enough to blend in with the crowd at metal shows

And here's a list of things I won't miss. (Assuming they change for the better.)

  1. Computer technology not being powerful enough to convey my creativity
  2. Living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 adults and 2 kids
  3. A small, modest house in my area selling for 3 -4 hundred thousand dollars
  4. Our stupid hamster that just pees on you whenever you pick it up
  5. Not having room to work on my art
  6. Putting Shane on the potty every night because he never wakes up himself
  7. My current lack of discipline in so many areas
  8. My current lack of wisdom in so many areas
  9. Over technical modeling and animation software
  10. Impossibly expensive 3-D printers


Sparrowchild said…
You could just feed the hamster to the snake.
Anonymous said…
Very pretty site! Keep working. thnx!

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