Heterodox Aftershocks, Part 1: Introduction


1 : contrary to or different from an acknowledged standard, a traditional form, or an established religion : UNORTHODOX, UNCONVENTIONAL <heterodox ideas>
2 : holding unorthodox opinions or doctrines

I'm using that word instead of heresy now. I think it's more apt. I've been reading over C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity as a way of sorting out where I am in relation to the church. I'm convinced I'm still in the building. Somewhere.

Well, at the beginning of all of this I promised to do my best to counter-argue myself. The best part about having my ideas in public arena is that I get lots of help with free criticism. So in this series I shall roll over and expose my weak, soft underbelly. Get your arrows ready.

My hope is that I can be level headed and open hearted enough to see genuine weaknesses in my ideas, and that God will grant me the strength to discard any that fall short of His glory.

Originally I was going to compile all this together into another mega-epic essay, but I've changed my mind. Instead, I'm going to address issues as they arise. This will give me the freedom to intersperse other aspects of my life into this blog again, and will also help me in the future to see the order of events that led me to whatever conclusions I've come to.

So in these bite-sized chunks, expect to see a lot of half-formed ideas, references to influences, and anecdotes about how my life is being affected by these new beliefs.


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