Open for business (sort of)

Well I got my business license, so I can officially sell art and charge tax! I've gone through several ideas for lines of sculpture that I could make relatively quickly and sell for a fair compensation for my time and skill. Well, I haven't quite hit that goal yet. The sculptures I make keep taking me 10 times longer than I think they should, so I can't justify selling them for what anyone would be willing to pay.

The last go at it resulted in 3 sculptures of kids in costumes. I made a lion, a monkey, and a grim reaper. They are about a foot tall and super detailed. I had my first art show in July and sold a couple of those lion heads I made a couple years ago, and the lion boy. My mom bought that one. Which is cool, because now I have access to that sculpture for other shows. (He was a big draw, almost everyone stopped to look at him.)

I got into the Kirkland art fair thing because I met a guy who owns a store there that sells Santa sculptures. He sits in the front window and sculpts all day, that's how I noticed him. He liked my business card and offered me a spot. Now I'm in a little sculpting club that meets at his shop every other Wednesday night. Denis, (the Santa Sculptor) and some of the others there are really great to know because they have been doing the art thing for a living for a long time and are full of advice and practical experience. Which is exactly what I lack.

One thing I learned from the art show was that I need some smaller, cheaper stuff to sell. So my new plan is to make 6 inch versions of my costume kids and replicate them. So I need to learn how to make professional molds and casts. This is all while holding down a full time job and doing an incredible amount of research into spiritual matters. Anyway, Denis is convinced that my costume kids line will be super successful and is pushing me do stay on task with them, with a goal of having 12 by next summer's art show.

Oh, and here is my website. It has a lot of problems. It won't work on a Mac at all right now. The guy who put it together for me left it half finished and wont return my emails, so who knows how long it will take before it's up to snuff.

Oh, and here is a character I made for my mom based on a character she created in the book she is writing based on the world I am designing.


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