Foreman's Red Period

I did one of those stupid on-line tests that is supposed to determine if I’m over my previous relationship. I passed with flying colors. Which is interesting, because of all the divorcees and people with ex-boy/girl friends I know, I am the least ready to ‘move on’. Sure, I was dumped. But I don’t feel bad about it. I’m not mad at her, or bitter and resentful. I don’t feel like I failed per se. I sure wasn’t perfect, but I see that my biggest fault was not seeking God first and foremost.

Naturally, this test completely ignored these spiritual aspects. The reason I can’t move on yet is that I haven’t got a clear message from God concerning the spiritual state of my former marriage. I’ve had Godly people tell me I should move on, and I’ve heard good arguments that say I should not move on until my ex dies. And some that say wait ‘till she remarries. So since I don’t have a clear answer on this, it seems pretty safe to just focus on Christ right now. So that’s what I’m doing.

And since I’m a flaky artist, I decided to go into a ‘Red Period’ as a way of visually reminding myself of that. I bought mostly red and black clothes, I dyed my hair bright red, and I bought a pair of $1 red sun glasses. I’m also making a red and black wrist band with a design of an eye with a cross over it. It all ties in nicely to my Crimson Hymnal music project I am undertaking. It is time for me to focus on what is important. Of course, I am just a creature made of dust, so sometimes it’s hard.


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