An idol mind

The other night I was doing my daily devotional and a thought popped into my head. I had turned ‘That Darn Girl’ into an idol. And it has been sitting on my heart. And that is where the Spirit is supposed to sit. God helped me knock it down, and I got the greatest rush of fresh air through my soul. I cried thanksgiving to Him for a long time that night. I know I’m still going to have to deal with this crush thing for a while, but now that it is in its proper perspective I think I will be able to handle it better. Here is what I wrote that night…



It keeps rising up! * The stench brings me down. * The smoke rising up! * The tears coming down. * It’s tearing me up! * It’s breaking me down.

This towering idol in my mind

Without even knowing I’m playing a part ~ Building this idol I’ve placed in my heart ~ The shrine of my desire is occupied ~ by this idolatry. It makes me blind

I’ve got to smash it up! * Tear it down. * The fire is up! * It’s melting down. * I’m grinding it up! * And drinking it down.

As I overturn this idol in my mind ~ God help me overturn this idol in my mind


I was thinking about when the Israelites were waiting for Moses to come back down the mountain, and decided it would be a dandy idea to build an idol while they waited. They put all their valuables together and had them melted down and formed into a golden calf.

Then When Moses came down he was, quite reasonably, pissed. They had just been miraculously saved from slavery, and were already worshipping false gods. He melted the calf, ground it to dust, put it in water, then forced them all to drink it.

My personal life has a striking analogy here. My first thought when I read this story is, “What a bunch of morons.” Then I thought about myself. I have just been delivered from bondage and slavery of a different kind. God’s salvation is just as obvious to me as the pillar of fire and parting of the Red Sea was to them. Yet within months, I’ve already started worshiping something other than God. What a moron I am! The Israelites melted down their gold rings. My valuables are God’s gifts of time and thoughts. I’ve been pouring them into the mold of ‘That Darn Girl’.

I don’t know what the meaning is behind drinking the gold dust from the idol. I’m going to look into it. Maybe that will speak to what I have to do to purge my mind from its idolatry.


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