More Physical Abuse

My church football team had its fist game on Saturday. I had fun, though I feel bad about a bunch of mistakes I made due to my football-ignorance. (I screwed up twice on the whole snap timing thing.) I felt kind of like a foreigner who doesn’t speak the language whenever they were discussing the next play. Button hook, left boot, sweep, pinch the nose, etc. I nodded my head and smiled, then ran around the field like a ninny. But we still won despite my ineptitude. The comedian Brian Regan sums up my knowledge of sports with a line that goes something like, “Yeah! Go my favorite sports team! Score a goal point unit!”

I was pretty worried I would mess myself up. At last weeks practice I jammed a finger and pulled a groin muscle. I’ve been hobbling all week. I need to pull my leg into the car with my hands when I sit down because the muscles that normally do that have gone on strike. So I was pleasantly surprised to walk away from the game with only some minor blood streaks on my arms from diving for an… “interception?”.

I was very impressed with everyone’s attitudes. I don’t normally run with the jock crowd, so I had a little reticence about joining. But most of them displayed a great Christian attitude and were very patient with my shenanigans, and congratulated me the few times I did something right.

I got to experience more great Christian attitudes last night at a Blindside concert. I asked my brother to watch the boys, so I could go out. (He just moved in a couple weeks ago since he is going to school up here.) It was the same venue that I saw As I Lay Dying, and the contrast in the crowd was remarkable. Granted, the music of Blindside is a bit mellower, though not much. So the demographics are a bit different. But at this show at least 70% of the audience were Christians. (Based on the cheers when the between-band poet rattled off explicitly Christian statements.) There were still mosh pits and crowd surfers. (Myself included.) But no one was trying to hurt people like at the last show. There was just an overall more positive vibe. I was very happy with the whole experience. I discovered a really cool, mellow band that opened for them. And Blindside played my favorite song last, and I surfed around a bit during it.

“I thought about a burning fire… I thought about Your love!” ~Blindside


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