Here is a little insight into the meaning behind the image below. This picture applies only to how I feel about my romantic life. Not life in general. I’m mostly very thankful and happy about my life and all the things in it.

So here I am standing on the tombstone of my marriage. It’s got our initials and dates for how long it lived. It is flanked by thistles; a traditional Christian symbol for sin and sadness. Laying in the shallow grave is my heart. Again, I’m only referencing my romantic heart. I’m holding my eyes to keep myself from looking at women ‘that way’, while I contemplate whether I should finish the burial of my heart, or drop the shovel and pick it up. It’s night time. Time for me to sleep and renew. But my confusion keeps me awake. Finally, there are seven stars behind me. Seven has a plethora of meanings from scripture. One of those is the reference to forgiveness. God has forgiven me for the part I played in the death of the marriage, and reminds me to forgive the other responsible party. But overall I want to stars to symbolize Providence working through my life. Though this is a sad and confusing season for me, His grace will see me through and His will will be accomplished in my life.

Oh, and I used cartoon proportions rather than realistic ones to keep it a little more light-hearted so I can keep things in perspective. I’m just a funny little animal being buffeted by life right now. I’m not a tormented soul without hope or humor!


Kat said…
Because you use cartoony features, I think, the image has a more poignant effect. The character on the tomb stone looks childlike, and so more fragile. Just a personal opinion. But it is lovely.

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